Gas Station Underground Storage Tank Remediation and Closure

Cleanup, Remediation, and Closure | Underground Storage Tank Assessment | Forensic Environmental Engineering

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Remediation and Closure

BLDI was retained as the Qualified Consultant (QC) to assist with underground storage tank (UST) closure activities. Prior to removing the USTs from the ground, a soil investigation was conducted around the USTs. This soil investigation resulted in the discovery of the confirmed release at the Site. Due to the nature of the release, the investigation and remediation were funded by the UST insurance policy. Per state regulations, BLDI conducted all the required investigations and report submittals. Due to the type of soils at the site, the chosen remedial action was soil excavation and off-site disposal at a licensed Type II landfill. While this site had its obstacles for closure, including being located in a wellhead protection area, BLDI was able to obtain Part 213 closure for the Site in 2019.