Environmental RiskScan® RSRA

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Environmental RiskScan® RSRA

The Environmental RiskScan® RSRA provides a means to get a snap shot of your environmental risks to make informed decisions quickly. The Environmental RiskScan® RSRA meets or exceeds the requirements of SBA’s records search and risk assessment (RSRA). Every Environmental RiskScan® RSRA features:

  • Risk Scale. Know whether your property is low, moderate, or high risk.
  • Cost estimate. For every issue identified, you’ll know a probable range of costs for future action.
  • 7-business-day turn around or it’s free! Guaranteed.
  • Evidence-based conclusions. Every Environmental RiskScan® RSRA is backed by topographical, historical, and documentary evidence.
  • Signed by an environmental professional. BLDI stands behind every Environmental RiskScan® RSRA. If you have any questions you can call us with questions.
  • Cost-protection guarantee. If you decide to go ahead with a full Phase I ESA after receiving the results of your Environmental RiskScan® RSRA, BLDI will apply your investment in the Environmental RiskScan® RSRA toward the cost of your Phase I ESA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Environmental RiskScan® RSRA compare to a Phase I ESA?

The Environmental RiskScan® RSRA is a scan of standard environmental information to assess the probability of the presence of RECs as defined in the ASTM standard for Phase I ESAs. The main difference between the Environmental RiskScan® RSRA and a Phase I ESA is that the Environmental RiskScan® does not include a site reconnaissance to document current conditions or operations, and does not include an agency (at the state or local level) file review. If a site reconnaissance or agency file review is deemed necessary, the client is best served to conduct a full Phase I ESA.

That is why we roll the cost of the Environmental RiskScan® RSRA into a Phase I ESA if a Phase I ESA is requested. It is important to understand that the Environmental RiskScan® RSRA does not meet the USEPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) rule, and therefore cannot be utilized for federal Landowner Liability Protections. Note that a Phase I ESA does meet the definition of AAI and is routinely utilized for federal Landowner Liability Protections.

Can the Environmental RiskScan® RSRA replace a Phase I ESA for due diligence purposes?

No, not as far as federal or state liability protection is concerned. The Environmental RiskScan® was developed to provide an environmental snapshot of a subject property. If the lender determines that it is necessary to conduct a Phase I ESA, the Environmental RiskScan® can dovetail into a Phase I ESA, including the cost, to meet the USEPA All Appropriate Inquiry rule.

How does the Environmental RiskScan® RSRA affect the liability if a Phase I ESA is not conducted?

If a Phase I ESA meeting the ASTM standard is not conducted, the requirements of the USEPA All Appropriate Inquiry rule are not met. Therefore, federal and state liability protections would not available. An ASTM-compliant Phase I ESA meets All Appropriate Inquiry.

Does the cost of the Environmental RiskScan® roll into in the cost of a Phase I ESA?

Yes, the cost of the Environmental RiskScan® RSRA rolls into the cost of the Phase I ESA.

How do I know the next step in the process and how much it will cost?

The Environmental RiskScan® report is reviewed by an Environmental Professional (EP) who is identified on the report. While a Phase I ESA is always recommended when taking ownership of a property, the EP can be contacted to discuss the recommended follow up work including a Phase I ESA, a Phase II ESA (site investigation, possibly including soil and/or groundwater sampling), and a Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA). The estimated costs for the recommended work can be given upon request.

Additional information regarding a BEA and Continuing Obligations can be found here.