Services to Identify, Prevent, and Mitigate Potential Environmental Risks

BLDI’s staff of engineers, geologists, scientists and business professionals have been focused on providing high quality, cost-effective, and timely environmental services in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and throughout the Midwest.

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Who We Serve

Our clients value the straightforward approach BLDI provides to complex issues. Our goal is to assist each client in solving their environmental problems in the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective manner.

Attorneys & Legal Counsel

Since the time BLDI was established over 25 years ago, BLDI’s professionals have been meeting the environmental needs of law firms and corporate attorneys. We understand that whenever you retain a consultant or recommend a consultant to a client, not only are your client’s interests on the line, but so is your reputation. BLDI focuses on environmental consulting services and environmental due diligence, including environmental liability cost determinations, to support the legal discipline in corporate activities.

BLDI’s wealth of environmental due diligence (EDD), environmental engineering, and forensic experience has been demonstrated by our history of successful projects. We understand our role in supporting legal counsel and have a strong system in place to assure client confidentiality.

Commercial/Industrial Markets

BLDI’s technical services and service delivery methods are designed to meet the needs of today’s fast moving, lean corporations.

BLDI has focused on providing environmental services to private sector businesses for over 25 years. Our business-savvy environmental professionals work with our clients to identify their business strategic goals and their preferred service delivery methods.

BLDI’s clients benefit from this business-savvy approach and can be assured that the proper company resources are provided by a BLDI principal for each project.

Government Agencies and Municipalities

When BLDI provides our expert services to government agencies and municipalities at any level, we become stakeholders in the community no matter the size. When partnering with any agency or municipality, we incorporate economic development, resiliency and end use goals. We help our public sector clients integrate environmental assessment, remediation and redevelopment into their long term vision, using innovative responsive solutions at lower costs to the public.

Real Estate Developers and Brokers

BLDI provides technical environmental support for the unique demands of the Professional Real Estate community.

BLDI staff understands the characteristics inherent in real estate development including scheduling, cost, and the technical complications environmental regulations can have on construction activities. BLDI works with developers to identify potential areas of distress and opportunity for a property.

Many real estate brokers are unfamiliar with environmental issues. BLDI routinely assists real estate brokers to understand and develop options for dealing with potential environmental concerns.

Banks & Lending Institutions

Over the past decade, BLDI has developed an understanding and appreciation for the measurement and the reasonable quantification of environmental risk within the structure of business transactions, including loan workouts and foreclosure. Through this understanding of lending and regulatory needs, BLDI has developed our service palette and delivery to support the success of a transaction.

We are proud of our reputation for providing exceptional transaction support to dozens of lending institutions.

Gas Station Owners & Buyers

BLDI provides technical environmental support for the unique demands of gas station owners and buyers. The complexity of owning or buying a gas stations requires professionals with many years of experience. BLDI’s strong technical staff and our policy of firm principal involvement in every project provides the technical capabilities and experience necessary to assist with underground storage tank assessment, closure of confirmed releases, environmental due diligence, and MUSTA claims.

Mergers & Acquisions

BLDI’s strong technical staff and our policy of firm principal involvement in every project provides the technical capabilities and experience necessary to help M&A firms assess environmental risk, its implications, and to close deals.

BLDI regularly assists M&A firms, brokers, investment bankers, and private equity groups in conducting environmental due diligence (EDD) to support transactions from a few thousand dollars to more than $90 million. BLDI’s staff works to support the deal makers in the transactions, and based on numerous years of experience, understand how properly addressed environmental issues can advance the transaction, whereas information inadequately or improperly presented can severely undermine an otherwise “good” transaction. BLDI has conducted M&A environmental due diligence for firms located in Michigan, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Serving throughout the midwest

Our Environmental Services Include

  • Environmental Due Diligence and Risk Management

    BLDI provides environmental risk identification, assessment, quantification, and mitigation services to lenders, private equity firms, purchasers, and sellers of businesses…

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

    A Phase I ESA is the first step in the process of Environmental Due Diligence (EDD). It is a report…

  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

    A Phase II is conducted on site-specific property when Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) have been found during the course of…

  • Underground Storage Tank Assessment

    Your Underground Storage Tank (UST), that thing lurking just below the surface of your property . . . the one…

  • Asbestos Survey

    Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber found in soil and rock. It is widely used in products for its…

  • Brownfield Assessment Grants

    A “brownfield” is a property which cannot be expanded, re-used or redeveloped due to the presence of contamination. Left abandoned,…

  • Cleanup, Remediation, and Closure

    The complexity of environmental response requires environmental professionals with years of experience applying federal and state statutes, conducting remedial investigations…

  • Environmental RiskScan® RSRA

    The Environmental RiskScan® RSRA provides a means to get a snap shot of your environmental risks to make informed decisions…

  • Forensic Environmental Engineering

    BLDI has developed unique expertise in forensic engineering and environmental forensics to assist legal counsel, underwriters, claims and corporate clients…

  • Incremental Soil Sampling

    Incremental Sampling (IS) is a combined field sampling and laboratory sample processing protocol that is designed to provide an unbiased…

  • Vapor Intrusion and Indoor Air Quality

    Vapor intrusion (VI) is an exposure pathway resulting from the migration of volatile chemicals from the subsurface into overlying buildings.…

  • Wetland Determination and Characterization

    Wetlands are highly diverse communities, providing habitat for many threatened or endangered species as well as other ecosystem services. Due…

  • Community Outreach

    From the beginning, BLDI has been committed to directly serving and giving back to its local communities, whether it be…