Abandoned Underground Storage Tank Removal

Cleanup, Remediation, and Closure | Forensic Environmental Engineering | Underground Storage Tank Assessment

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BLDI was retained as the Qualified Consultant (QC) to assist with Part 213 investigation activities at a former gas station, where a confirmed release had previously been reported. Initial activities at the Site consisted of the removal of the four USTs most recently in use at the Site. During the investigations conducted, four abandoned underground storage tanks (USTs) were encountered. These USTs were unknown to be onsite when encountered and were properly registered with the state prior to their removal. Observations of the soil surrounding the USTs during their excavation lead to the discovery of a new confirmed release at the Site. Per state regulations, BLDI conducted all the required investigations and is in the process of preparing and submitting a Closure Report for the Site. Corrective action at this Site consisted of placing a paved barrier over a portion of the Site, which also served to improve the overall aesthetics of the Site.