Lead is a highly toxic metal that can result in serious health concerns and behavioral problems if absorbed into the body. One of the most prevalent forms of lead exposure is from lead-based paint (LBP) contaminated dust or contact with paint chips, especially for children. Structures built prior to the 1978 ban of lead-containing paint (16 CFR 1303) are of greatest concern regarding the presence of LBP.

BLDI conducts LBP surveys in accordance with the HUD Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Housing (1997 Revision) to determine the presence or absence of LBP on all painted components on site. All LBP surveys are performed by an accredited Lead-Based Paint Inspector through the State of Michigan’s Department of Community Health. Observation for suspect LBP may be included as a non-scope consideration in Phase I Environmental Site Assessments if requested. Please note that no sampling will be conducted during a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

Please contact Leslie DeBoer, EP at ldeboer@bldi.com or 616.459.3737 with any questions.