The Environmental RiskScan® RSRA provides a means to get a snap shot of your environmental risks and make smarter decisions. The Environmental RiskScan® RSRA meets or exceeds the requirements of SBA’s records search and risk assessment (RSRA). Every Environmental RiskScan® RSRA features:

  • Risk Scale. Know whether your property is low, moderate, or high risk.
  • Cost estimate. For every issue identified, you’ll know a probable range of costs for future action.
  • 7-business-day turn around or it’s free! Guaranteed.
  • Evidence-based conclusions. Every Environmental RiskScan® RSRA is backed by topographical, historical, and documentary evidence.
  • Signed by a state-licensed professional. BLDI stands behind every Environmental RiskScan® RSRA. If you have any questions you can actually call us with questions.
  • Cost-protection guarantee. If you decide to go ahead with a full Phase I ESA after receiving the results of your Environmental RiskScan® RSRA, BLDI will apply your investment in the Environmental RiskScan® RSRA toward the cost of your Phase I ESA, as long as your property is in our service area (limited service area outside Ohio, Indiana and Michigan).

Questions? Please call Joe Berlin or Marty Janowiak at 616-459-3737.

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