Your Underground Storage Tank (UST), that thing lurking just below the surface of your property . . . the one you’d rather not think about . . .is “delaying my plans and I’m just too busy to deal with it.” In some states (e.g. Michigan, Wisconsin) you may wonder, will I be able to get insurance next year? How much will my UST insurance renewal cost me? Is the insurance actually worth anything? Are my USTs leaking? Could I get tagged with a big cleanup bill? Does my current consultant understand how to minimize the cost to ME? These are some of the questions that wake up many of our clients at 3am.

Adopt a Comprehensive Strategy

At BLDI, we understand that your UST isn’t an isolated issue. Rather, it’s often the greatest single factor affecting the value of your property, the value of your business and the means for you to retire. It influences your ability to refinance your loan, sell your business/property or, often more important, transition the property to the next generation. That’s why we developed our “UST 360” tool.  The “UST 360” includes:

  • Your personal, business, and financial goalsUST 360 Logo
  • The history, design and compliance of your UST system
  • Insurance or state fund issues
  • The past, current or future cleanup issues
  • Your future plans to refinance, sell, retire or transition the business

We Represent You

We’re here to help you assess your options for being in the best possible situation when it’s time for you to deal with your UST system.

For questions, or to request more information about your underground storage tank, your business transaction, your insurance, or any related topics, please call Joseph Berlin, PE, CP at 616-459-3737. Contact us to obtain BLDI’s latest research on UST Insurance.