BLDI provides environmental services specially designed to meet the needs of workout professionals and Special Asset Groups (SAGs) within lending institutions. BLDI provides environmental risk management and mitigation throughout the workout and foreclosure process. Our business-savvy engineers work with you to mitigate legal, financial, and environmental risks to maximize your risk-adjusted return from troubled assets.

Common SAG Tasks BLDI Assists With:

  • Environmental RiskScan®  RSRA to assess general site conditions including cost estimates to complete EDD
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA), Michigan only
  • Due Care/Continuing Obligations Work Plan
  • Phase III ESA (Remediation)
  • Environmental cost estimate and escrow estimates
  • Design, implement, and “value engineer” due care engineering controls
  • Contracting for “Clean sweep” removal and documentation of products, wastes, and other materials

Many SAGs have used the Environmental RiskScan® RSRA to get an initial environmental snapshot of a property. If a Phase I ESA is subsequently required, the cost of the Environmental RiskScan® RSRA is rolled into the cost of the Phase I ESA.