Storage Tank Corrective Action and Insurance Claim Support

Property owners with UST and AST systems commonly use insurance to protect their assets from the potential cost of investigating and remediating confirmed releases from these systems.

While most owners are careful to maintain their insurance, they don’t realize that failure to take the right steps in documenting and verifying potential issues often renders their coverage ineffective. Insurers can and do use mistakes made in the environmental due diligence phase of a project to deny payment on otherwise valid claims.

That’s where BLDI’s expertise comes in. Our extensive experience in the geologic, engineering, and forensic issues involved in every environmental claim enable us to assess the condition of storage tank systems. And our business knowledge and extensive experience with insurance claims enable us to accurately evaluate liability transfer, cost minimization and closure concerns, as well as possible impacts on transaction financing and other risks.

BLDI’s expertise has commonly resulted in our clients gaining insurance coverage and payment in the vast majority of claim situations in 90 days or less.

Over the past 10 years, BLDI’s experience on environmental insurance claims has resulted in 100 percent of claims approved for payment.

It’s not just our happy clients who recognize our record. The National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE) has selected BLDI staff to provide expert witness and litigation support for complex issues.