Wednesday, December 23, 2015 12:00 AM

National Tanks Conference

By: Joseph Berlin, PE, CP, EP
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Joseph Berlin, PE, EP, CP, FE, BLDI’s President, was a presenter at the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission's National Tanks Conference and Expo in Phoenix, Arizona on September 15, 2015 where he shared experience gained during his 20 plus years as an environmental forensic investigator. 

Mr. Berlin provided a discussion on forensic engineering and environmental forensics (FE/EF) focused on their application at underground storage tank (UST) sites. The purpose of his session was to present a more inclusive understanding of the development of Conceptual Site Models (CSMs) at UST sites and how the Component Failure Analysis (CFA) integrates into the overall site CSM.

A recent case was presented involving the use of FE/EF methods to demonstrate the CSM, CFA and environmental due diligence (EDD) considerations. This case utilized CFA in development of the CSM, specific analytical methods (Ratio, PIANO, Isotopic) to characterize field sampling data, and other data analysis techniques in addressing environmental risk, supporting insurance coverage, and identifying transactional due diligence issues, including Environmental Baselining to demonstrate Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser (BFPP). Current Environmental Baselining practices and one Baselining program in development (Arizona) were discussed.   

A copy of the slide presentation is available at

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