Friday, November 6, 2015 12:00 AM

Michigan UST Cleanup Fund - Latest Banking Update

By: Joseph Berlin, PE, CP, EP & Rich Spehar, PE, EP
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As details of the new Michigan Underground Storage Tank Fund (Fund) are released owners, operators, lenders and their advisors will be able to make decisions regarding the Fund. It is clear that the underlying Fund structure and program are hitting milestones established by the Fund Authority. In a recent presentation to the Michigan Bankers Association-Environmental Affairs Committee BLDI principal Rich Spehar presented some of the latest Fund details and market conditions.  

The slides in the following PDF present some of the latest information discussed at the meeting. Please feel free to contact Joe Berlin, PE, CP, EP, QC, Rich Spehar, PE, EP or Marty Janowiak at BLDI's main office in Grand Rapids, Michigan at 616-459-3737.
Slides from the
Michigan Bankers Association
Environmental Affairs Committee


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